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as clean as God, as thin as yesterday.

a tattooist’s creed: “I will take your name and I will make it ink. I will find a needle as sharp as ice, as clean as God, as thin as yesterday. I will put the needle into the ink and I will write your name everywhere that is not written on me.”

cereal love.

if i can love the way you eat cereal, then i can love you completely.  ~~~ i find myself bothered by people eating cereal in front of me. especially in the quiet. solitude interrupted by a series of slurps, chomps, and gulps. i can’t. i lose focus. i feel infringed. it’s my ultimate practice of … Continue reading

i must get back to the sea.

i just want to run into the ocean. as far as i can into the water. to the point where my toes barely graze the sand below. to the point of floating. to the point of being carried. i want to be pulled out to sea. and sink. not to die. no. but to feel … Continue reading

standing together for HOPE.

a different view on the KONY 2012 Campaign. one that revolves more so on HOPE, rather than fame.

vampires & zombies rising

hello friends. just taking a moment to deliver a brief update on the successes [eek] of my vampires vs. zombies piece. remember, this one: i am thrilled to say that my article has been published over 12 times in different online and print engineering journals. i have never had this kind of validation for my … Continue reading

vampires vs. zombies

greetings. it’s been far too long. as some of you may know, i often write for FUTEK [my employer] about their products, projects, and accomplishments. well, this week, i had the esteemed privilege of marrying my creative writing skills with their “tech speak” [as i like to call it]. may i present to you my … Continue reading